Inspired UPCYCLING Red Vintage Traffic Light Cuff Bracelet

$ 350.00 $ 280.00

The glass used for this bracelet is hand cut and sanded from a red traffic light lens and set in handcrafted 100 percent recycled sterling silver. The clasp is a tension fit that is very easy to do with one hand. This bracelet is incredibly comfortable to wear while working or at any time. Ships in 2 days.

Available in 5 sizes. Extra small fits 5.5-5.75 inch wrist. Small fits 6 - 6.25 inch wrist. Medium fits 6.5 - 6.75 inch wrist. Large fits 7 - 7.25 inch wrist. Extra large fits 7.5 -8 inch wrist. band: 1/2'' glass: 5/8'' x 1 1/4'' rim: just under 7/8" x 1 1/2'' To determine your wrist size cut an 8'' x 1/2'' wide strip of heavy paper and wrap it around your wrist comfortably, measure against a ruler or tape measure and select your size. Dimensions: 1.5in H x 1.0in W x 0.25in D

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