A lovely Lemon Quartz set in a 22K gold bezel with a 22k gold twisted wire accent. The ring has a matte finish low dome 6mm wide sterling silver band. The natural rose cut lemon quartz is 14mm x 10mm. Available in whole and half sizes from 4 – 11. Signed on the back by the artist.

All 22k gold sections are made from Nancy’s 22k gold alloy, Pure 24k gold is mixed with a very small amount of other metals to make it malleable and slightly less soft, while still retaining its beautiful, brilliant, yellow color.

Care Instructions: Wash gently with mild liquid detergent and a soft toothbrush. Pat dry with lint-free cloth.  Ships in 3 weeks.

Please note that we cannot provide refunds for rings that have been damaged, altered, sized or worn. However, in most cases, the artist can resize the ring at no additional cost to you.

Nancy Trosky Jewelry

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