Ethiopian Opal and 22k Gold Wedding Ring

$ 4,500.00

A stunning Ethiopian opal is set in solid 22k gold with granulated accents.  Ancient goldsmiths decorated gold jewelry with granulation, a highly skilled technique known today by a relatively small number of artisans.  Granulation can only be done on the purest of gold or silver.  Each granule is made by hand and placed with a brush, one by one, onto the piece.  It’s then heated almost to the melting point whereby the granules fuse permanently to the piece.

Sizing is not possible after the ring is made, so the artist will mail you a sizing tool (yours to keep) to insure proper fit. Available in whole and half sizes from 6 to 12. Fabrication time of 3 – 6 weeks includes the time to mail the sizer. 


Nancy Troske Jewelry