Vintage Glass and Silver Choker

$ 650.00

This design originates from 100 year old glass canning jars which Amy has cut into a large 1 5/8 "gemstones" An acid etched finish creates a beautiful glowing quality when set in silver.

The sterling silver chain is matte finished and the pendant is backed with roller printed sterling silver.The simplicity of this design and the hook on the front is inspired by ancient Roman jewelry. Most of the materials in this necklace design are recycled. This necklace is a standard 16" length but is available at 17-19 inch lengths. 16 inch choker ships in 5 days; all other lengths may take up to 2 weeks to ship.

Each glass pendant has a unique inscription with a number 1-9 on it and not all pieces have concentric rings. 16.0" L x 0.31" D x 2.0".

Amy Faust Jewelry

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