Medieval Marquis Engagement Ring

$ 12,370.00

"This engagement set is a design that comes from my past. In 1977 when I began to make gold and diamond jewelry I envisioned this style of ring form. It was very smooth and had a cut in the top but there was no bottom attached to a top like most rings of that era. It was a constant form that flowed all around the finger. This set is very unique in that the marquise diamond is set with the points showing from the top. All stones that have a point like marquis need to have that point protected. The point is fragile and can chip and it can be very sharp and cut the wearer. I have always found it disturbing that the most delicate, and in some ways the most important part of a fancy shaped diamond is covered with a kind of 'clunky' gold cap. I have worked very hard to find ways to show the beautiful points of gems and protect them and the wearer. In this case, the bottom of the gem is covered with a kind of seat that protects and shows the points." Greg Neeley

The engagement ring is made from 14k white and 14k yellow gold and contains 18 small round diamonds weighing about 1/5th carat total and 2 oval sapphire cabochons set on the side. The Marquis diamond is almost exactly one carat at .97 and is of perfect D color and very nice SI1 in clarity the cut is very good. 

Please note that we cannot provide refunds for rings that have been damaged, altered, sized or worn. If you are unsure of your size please request a ring sizer. Unless otherwise noted the artist can resize the ring within its available range at no additional cost to you.

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