Arabesque Plume Large 18k Gold Vermeil Earrings

$ 360.00

Mimicking the beauty and grace of a ballerina the Arabesque Earrings promises to be a prominent design this year. Ships in 1 day! Dimensions: 3L x .6W inch(es) Available in:

SKU  SK-1990 Oxidized Silver Plume with Gold Vermeil bottom. 

SKU  SK-1985 Oxidized Silver Plume with Bright Silver bottom. 

Vermeil is a French word which came into use in the English language, as an alternative for the usual term silver-gilt, it is a combination of sterling silver, gold, or other precious metals. Vermeil is a thicker application of gold than the traditional gold-plated jewelry or gold-filled alternatives.

The gold portion must be at least ten karats, however, most of the Artful Jeweler artist use the thicker 18 karat gold. To the naked eye, it looks just like pure gold.


Jewelry by Shana Kroiz

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