Granulated Gold & Diamond Earrings

$ 1,900.00 $ 1,520.00

22k gold alloy. Each granule, sheet and wire element is made by hand. Hundreds of granules are created, one at a time. The piece is carefully heated to just under the melting point of gold, where the granules fuse and become one with the piece. Granulation is an ancient technique, seen in many pieces from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Byzantium. Set with 2mm Diamonds. Dimensions: 13.0mm diameter.  Ships in 4 weeks.

Also available with your choice of 3mm sized Emeralds, Blue Sapphires or Rubies.

Care Instructions: Soak in soapy solution of mild liquid detergent, rinse gently. Pat dry with lint free cloth.

Nancy Troske Jewelry

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