Forged Bracelet with Gold Filigree Scroll

$ 300.00

Forged sterling silver bracelet embellished with a gorgeous, 22k gold filigree square.  The bright color of high karat gold contrasts with the black, oxidized silver band for a stunning, slightly edgy look that bridges the gap between timeless and trendy. Great to wear alone or layer with other bracelets in the collection.

Filigree is an ancient art form  consisting of delicate, open or backed wire work in gold or silver.  This solid 22k gold square has been fused without the use of solder, a technique used by goldsmiths centuries ago. The contrast of  bright yellow high karat gold against the black silver bracelet is extraordinary.

History lovers will appreciate the legacy of these ancient goldsmithing techniques.

Adjustable bracelet fits most wrists. Ships in 3 weeks.

Nancy Trosky Jewelry

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