Tagliamonte Intaglio Venetian Glass and Solid Gold Earrings

$ 1,800.00

These solid 22k gold earrings feature two pale aqua Tagliamonte intaglio carvings of Hercules. Each earring is handcrafted in solid gold with an open back to allow the light to illuminate the sea colored venetian glass.

Hercules was considered immortal which gave him super human strength, size and skill.  A legend of Greek mythology, he was known for many exploits and acts of courage.  In ancient Rome he was known as Herakles. You’ll often see him depicted as clad in lion skins, another symbol of bravery.

Tagliamonte Vicenza (continue the tradition of Tagliamonte founded in Torre del Greco (Naples) founded in 1943) dedicated its activity to the production of Venetian Cameo jewelry since 1985 – a decision that was definitely a winning choice as these creations have become the firm’s principal product. In fact, Tagliamonte can be considered the only firm in the world that manufactures this kind of stone. Its exclusivity is not limited to the production in itself, but includes the masterful use of a “classical” iconographic repertory. Tagliamonte Venice Cameos with their fascinating forms are a kind of seduction that belongs to another age.

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