Tanzanite Granulated Earrings

$ 1,500.00

These 10 mm round Tanzanite granulated earrings are made from my custom 22k gold alloy. Most commercially bought 22k gold is not workable for granulation. Very little, if any soldering is used on this type of piece. For example the bezels in the earring shown here are fused together.

Each granule and piece of wire is made by hand. Hundreds of granules are made and the wire and sheet is created with the use of a rolling mill to get the exact measurements needed.

Findings get a different alloy for strength – 20 karat – again made in the studio with a rolling mill and drawplates.

With the exception of the gemstones, every part of these earrings is made by hand, starting with a lump of gold and fashioned into what you see here.


Nancy Troske Jewelry

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