Granulated Gold and Chalcedony Earrings One of a Kind

$ 2,200.00

Santorini Earrings: Echoes of the distant past in solid 22k gold handcrafted earrings. The granulated domes are paired with soft sea colored chalcedony gemstones. Granulation is an ancient technique known by relatively few artisans today. Each granule is made by hand. Hundreds of granules are created, one at a time. The piece is carefully heated to just under the melting point of gold, where the granules fuse and become one with the piece. Granulation is an ancient technique, seen in many pieces from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Byzantium. Ships in 1 day!

Post backs in 14k. Signed by the artist. Earrings hang about 1 1/2 inches from the earlobe.
Dimensions: 13.0mm W x 39.0mm L x 5.0mm D


Nancy Troske Jewelry

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