Clearwater Color Blended Epoxy Resin and Sterling Silver Cuff

$ 425.00
Since relocating to Tampa, the artist's jewelry has taken on the colors of the Gulf of Mexico. This Clearwater Epoxy Resin cuff bracelet is made by combining 3 opaque custom colors blended in a range of blues and greens reminiscent of the beauty of the waters at Clearwater Beach in Florida. Color blending is more art than science consequently the colors may differ slightly from the image. To fully appreciate this jewelry one must feel the texture of the smooth surface. The bracelet is hand sanded for 2 - 3 hours so that the resin has the feel of fine silk. 

The resin is cast against a band of fine silver. Casting directly against the fine silver band with the resin extending beyond the silver serves 2 purposes. First it virtually eliminates the possibility of oxidation under the resin and secondly, the extended resin serves as a way to strengthen the bond of resin to silver. 

The bracelet fits snugly on a wrist that has a circumference of 7.5 inches.
Dimensions:  1″W, 0.5″D, 3.38″diameter
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