Cerulean Blue Acrylic and Sterling Silver Plexi-Collection Triangular Ring

$ 250.00

Transformations happen as if by magic in the quiet places just below the shine of metal resides a cerulean blue where a brilliant world of color unfolds. This alluring ring is handcrafted from slices of .925 sterling silver (1mm thick) and 1 slice of Acrylic Glass (5 mm thick). All slices are hand cut and fixed together with silver rivets. Available in U-Shape, Triangle (as shown in 1st image) , Circle and Rounded Square.  The ring is 7mm wide. Plexiglass color: Bold Red.  Additional charge for ring sizes 9.5 or larger. Arrives in two weeks.

Please note that we cannot provide refunds for rings that have been damaged, altered, sized or worn. However, in most cases, the artist can resize the ring at no additional cost to you.

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