Extraordinary Blue Sky Opal, Chrome Diopside and Agate Druzy Pendant

$ 1,255.00

The Blue Sky Pendant seamlessly pairs differing textures for a transformation that happens, as if by magic. The unique Koroit opal that is showcased in the Blue Sky Pendant is from an opal mining area in Paroo Shire in South West Queensland, Australia. The Koroit opal field is known for the very distinctive type of boulder opal that is found in its mines. 

The pendant is fashioned from Sterling silver, Koroit boulder opal, chrome diopside,
blue lace agate druzy ( cornflower blue) and then fabricated with a roller printed texture and hinge. Available on 16 or 18 inch chain.  Ships in 10 days. 1.75” x .875” x .5’

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