Black Silver Chain Bracelet with Gold Rosette

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Color: Gold SKU-41310

Black Silver Chain Bracelet with Gold Rosette has a gorgeous, 22k gold granulated rosette suspended from a thin, oxidized blackened silver rolo chain.  The bright color of high karat gold contrasts with the black, oxidized silver band for a stunning, slightly edgy look that bridges the gap between timeless and trendy. Great to wear alone or layer with other bracelets in the collection. Granulation was used as embellishment in ancient times and is done today by a relatively small number of goldsmiths.  Tiny, handmade gold balls are placed with a tiny brush to a piece of jewelry.  The piece is heated to just under melting point, whereby the granules fuse with the piece itself.   

Rosette motifs are often seen in ancient Greek and Roman jewelry. Usually, they’re part of a larger, more elaborate piece. Appearing first in Mesopotamia, rosettes also appear in ancient Greek and Roman art, eventually influencing designs in Central Asia. You’ll also see them in ancient borders as architectural accents. These rosettes look as if they’ve been plucked from ancient times and offered in this classic, granulated 22k gold version. History lovers will appreciate the legacy of these ancient goldsmithing techniques. Fits up to 8″ wrist.  

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Nancy Trosky Jewelry

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