Beach Wave Cloisonne Enamel Necklace

$ 1,300.00

One of a Kind - Soft, seashore inspired colors in cloisonne enamel feature a clear silver background, allowing the swirly spiral texture to peep through white, peach, mint green and black forms floating on top, creating a unique 3D appearance. Cloisonne is combined here with baisse taille, a method of enameling that dramatizes the play of light and shade over the low-cut design. Favored by Faberge, whose goal was to amaze his most famous customer, the Czar of Russia. The technique dramatizes the play of light and shade over the low-cut design.

Cloisonne enameling is an ancient metalworking technique,first developed in the Near East and spreading along the Silk Road to China. First, the artist forms silver or gold wire into shapes to create cells or "cloisons" that define the colored areas. This is done with small pliers, tweezers, and custom made jigs. The cloisonne wire is set in place using a clear enamel which tacks the wires to the surface. The surface must be fine silver, high karat gold. Vitreous enamel (glass crushed to a powder) is packed wet into the cloisons. After the enamel has dried it is fired in a small kiln. Several repetitions of the process will build up the coatings to the height of the partitions. Various colors and transparencies may be used in combination within a single partition to obtain the desired artistic effect. It is a labor intensive process and can take many firings over many days. The fully fired enamel then requires hand polishing for a smooth, luminous surface. Baisse Taille enameling was developed in Italy in the 13th century and was especially popular in Europe during the Renaissance. Once the enamel is complete, it is then placed in a silver or gold hand fabricated setting. A half moon enamel suspended from a double sterling rolo chain with silver bead accents. Chain is 22 inches long. Signed by the artist. Dimensions: 0.75″H, 1″W, 22″L. Ships in 2 days.