Bangle Bracelet with Studded Gold Granules

$ 400.00
Color: Silver and Gold SKU-41129

Black, oxidized sterling silver bangle is studded with 22k gold granules.  A interesting twist on granulation; instead of tiny balls, we’ve used large ones!  Ships in 3 weeks.

Great to wear alone or stacked with other bracelets in the collection.
Fits up to an 8″ wrist.

Granulation (from Latin: granum = "grain") is a goldsmith's technique whereby the surface of a jewel is decorated with small spheres of precious metal, named granules, according to a design pattern. The oldest archeological findings of jewels made with this technique are in the royal tombs of Ur, in Mesopotamia and go back to 2500 B.C.

Nancy Trosky Jewelry

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