Dazzling circles and rectangles of gold set against a darkened silver background presents a dynamic contrast in the Black and Gold Bracelets. The bracelets are made from Sterling  Silver and 22k gold bimetal.  May be purchased separately or as a set.

Bimetal: A layer of 22k gold alloy with a bright yellow color is bonded with sterling silver to form a sheet of precious metal with two distinct surfaces.  The 22k bimetal is two to three times thicker than gold filled products giving it more luster, flexibility and durability.

The oxidation of silver jewelry is the process of chemical alteration that occurs when certain minerals make contact with oxygen. The result is a darkening or coloring of the metal. The process can be accelerated or controlled for effect.


Top Bracelet SKU-LG2010

Middle Bracelet SKU-LG2011

Bottom Bracelet SKU-LG2012

Set of Three SKU-LG2013

Lori Gottlieb Jewelry


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