Gold 22k & Turquoise Scroll Earrings

$ 750.00
Color: Gold

The color of Turquoise pairs beautifully with the rich yellow of 22k gold. These scrolls have been created with the ancient technique of granulation and fusing. Ancient goldsmiths decorated gold jewelry with granulation; a highly skilled technique known today by a relatively small number of artisans. Granulation and fusing can only be done on the purest of gold or silver. Granules or wires are heated almost to the melting point, at that precise moment, the gold fuses into one piece. Ships in 21 days.

These ancient inspired scrolls are lightweight and comfortable. 18k gold handcrafted ear wires. Earrings hang about 1 1/4 inches below the ear lobe.  Dimensions: 1.0in H x 1.0in W

These earrings are highly customizable with a wide variety of gemstones to choose from. For pricing and availability of gemstones, please contact our customer care department at



Nancy Troske Jewelry

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