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Artist Consignement Agreement for

Artful Jeweler

OWNERS Velina, Stephen, Jr. & Christopher Glass


Business URL:    

Company Name:         Creative Liaisons dba. Artful Jeweler                                     

Address Current:       18002 Richmond Place Drive

                                 Tampa, FL 33647

Address Previous:       3500 West Gate Drive

                                    Ellicott City, MD 21042

Telephone:                   (443) 486-8733



III Consignment Agreement


This agreement effective ___________________ is between Creative Liaisons, D.B.A Artful Jeweler located 18002 Richmond Place Drive, Tampa, FL 33647 and the consignor named below.

Print/Type Name of Artist:


Name & Tax ID number for Purposes of Payment:






Telephone (notate if home, cell or office) and Business Email:




  1. The company will pay the artist a commission of 60% of the retail price. The artist will provide the company with current retail price and update accordingly.
  2. Artful Jeweler (AJ) at its discretion may remove an individual item from the artist’s online selection.
  3. We will pay artists on the twentieth of the month for all sales occurring in the previous month. For example, we will pay for sales occurring on June 2nd on or before July 20th

Performance Bonuses:

  1. The company will offer artists performance bonuses based on customer service survey results.
    1. Delivery time:  The artist with the highest customer satisfaction rating in this category will receive a 10% bonus.  For example, if an artist earns $100 in commissions his bonus in this category will equal $10.
    2.  Quality:  The artist with the highest customer satisfaction rating in this category will receive a 15% bonus.  For example, if an artist earns $100 in commissions his bonus in this category will equal $15.


    1. Limitations:  An artist may only qualify for one category bonus payment.  If an artist qualifies for more than one category, the bonus is paid based on the category yielding the highest compensation.
    2. Payments:  Bonuses are paid by no later than March 15 of the following year after the measured bonus period.  For example, for calendar year 2016 bonus evaluation, the bonus is payable by March 15, 2017.  Any AJ artist that is no longer under contract at the time of bonus payment is not eligible for bonuses.


General Terms

  1. All written price change requests received by the company shall be implemented within 5 calendar days of receipt of change.  Email is a satisfactory mode of written communication.  If the company fails to implement the price change within the 5-day period and the items sells after the 5-day period the company will reimburse the artist based on the commission of the requested written price change.


  1. Contracts auto renew and remain in force until either party provides a 30 day written notice to terminate.
  2. Either party must make all changes to this contract in writing.
  3. If a specific item is no longer available for sale, the artists must notify the company via email within 5 business days.
  4. When a sale occurs, we will notify the artist via email.  If the artist expects that, he/she will not be available for three or more days we request that they notify the company of changes in their fulfilment date.  For example, if an artist is on vacation for 1 week all sales occurring during that week will have 7 days added to its ship date.
  5. Customers will have 90 calendar days from the time of receipt of their Jewelry to return it for any reason to AJ.   The customer must either email or call (443) 486-8733 to receive return instructions.  Returned Jewelry must be in the same condition as shipped.    If the commission for the sale of the merchandise has already occurred AJO will instruct the customer to return it to their office in Florida and the item will be held in company inventory until it is sold again.  An artist WIILL NOT have to repay commissions.  All sales outside of the 48 contiguous states, Alaska and Hawaii are deemed international sales and are not eligible for return.  Items defined as custom work are not eligible for return.
  6. We request that all prospective artists participate in a rigorous jury process.  We will review new artist applications weekly and respond within 14 calendar days.
  7. Upon receipt of payment from the buyer, the artist is responsible for shipping the merchandise directly to the customer.  The company will pay all shipping charges including insurance equal to the wholesale price of the merchandise.  The company will provide a shipping label via email for all shipments.  The artist must have the capability to print, package and post all orders.  The artist must pack and ship all merchandise as prescribed by the carrier.  We will return to the artist any items damaged due to inadequate packaging with no compensation.  We will file a claim for any items damaged or lost due to the neglect of the assigned carrier.   
  8. The artists must provide high quality digital images of their work in a GIF, TIFF or JPEG format.  We request but do not require artists to provide us with a photograph of themselves for web site promotional purposes.  Any use of a photo of the artist requires written consent of the artist with the exception of the photos exhibited on the web site or as a part of a public press release.  We may however at our discretion use the images of the artist’s work for sales, promotion and alternative distribution channels.  The alternative distribution channels include but are not limited to social networking sites, affiliate marketers, You Tube, Etsy, podcasts and blogs. 
  9. SELLERS WARRANTIES. (a) Warranties. Consignor represents and warrants to the company AJ that: (1) Consignor has the right, power and authority to consign the property for sale and to enter into this Agreement and to perform all obligations hereunder; (2) there are no restrictions on the company AJ to reproduce photographs of the property; and (3) the information Consignor has provided to the Company in the Agreement is true and correct. Consignor acknowledges and agrees that the Company will rely upon the accuracy and completeness of the foregoing warranties.   
  10. The company will ask the artist to participate in customer service initiatives.  We will provide the resources necessary to assist the artist in maintaining customer service standards.
  11. The artist may agree to participate in listing their work on Etsy or Amazon Handmade.  If the artist does not wish to have their work displayed  on either of these channels please initial here ­­­_____.

Offer Tendered by The Artist Online, LLC Resident Agent

“Electronic signature” Velina A. Glass September 1, 2015

Sign:                                                                                       Date:


Acceptance: You acknowledge that you have read this agreement and agree to all its terms and conditions by signing the agreement and emailing it to