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Tampa Florida November 2016 - Owners:  Velina Glass & Sons
Art Jewelry is an expression of art and sculpture designed to adorn the human form.  

Founded in 2008 Art Jewelry Online is the leading online retailer dedicated exclusively to the sale of art jewelry.  We champion the tradition of fine Contemporary American Craft.  Our artists are some of the most acclaimed in the industry from the ground breaking enamel work of Baltimorian Shana Kroiz to the edgy street art of Boris Bally who transforms recycled street signs, weapon parts, and a wide variety of found materials into objects for reflection and adornment.  

Recent changes include the addition of new artists Nancy Troske, Klara Borbas, Leslie Zemenek and others and a name change from Art Jewelry Online to Artful Jewelry.  We have moved into the city of Tampa to broaden our marketing base.  And last but not least we welcomed twin grandsons into our family!  Hopefully little Elijah and Gabriel will continue the family tradition of artistry and craft.



Velina Glass holds a BBA from Temple University and an MBA from LaSalle University.  Her work experience spans over two decades as a healthcare executive with firms such as Kaiser Permanente and Cigna Healthcare.  In 2004, she left the healthcare industry to focus on a career in the arts.  Since then she has launched the website Art Jewelry Online and has had her jewelry published and is considered one of the top Resin Artists in the U.S.

Stephen Glass, Jr. holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Pittsburgh and is a vital partner in this venture with his mother and brother.

Christopher Glass is a student and Jazz Guitar player extraordinaire.  His assistance is critical to the creative side of the web site providing video and graphic design assistance.

For More information, please contact Velina Glass at
info@artjewelryonline.com or call (443) 486-8733

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