Wayne Houston

"I have always made things. As an adolescent it was a way for me to feel good about myself, especially when others enjoyed the finished product. As I matured I became more and more concerned with craftsmanship and the thought process behind the design of a particular piece. I began to think more seriously about the reasons for making things a certain way, how the design works with the intended function. I continually strive to create beauty through the control of and manipulation of materials that seek to not be controlled."

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Autumn Cloisonne Pendant-Artful Jeweler
Black Onyx Cabachon Cufflinks-Artful Jeweler
Black Onyx Cabachon Cufflinks
$ 225.00 $ 375.00
Blue Topaz Cufflinks-Artful Jeweler
Blue Topaz Cufflinks
$ 225.00 $ 375.00
Divine Cloisonne Earrings-Artful Jeweler
In All Her Glory Cloisonne Pendant-Artful Jeweler
Morning Glory-Artful Jeweler
Morning Glory
$ 500.00
Strawberry Island Cloisonne Earrings-Artful Jeweler
Summer Wedding Cloisonne Earrings-Artful Jeweler
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