Shauna Blythe Burke

"As a New York based designer, I find that my work reflects the industrial landscape around me. My jewelry is often textural in nature, and it might be influenced by a sewer grate or an Art Deco image that I notice in the radiator of a Midtown building."

Shauna Blythe Burke is an artist and an art teacher. She has lived and taught in New York and in Florence, Italy. Her jewelry is inspired by the classic teachings of her time in Italy and by the urban environment that she calls her home. All of Shauna Burke's jewelry is hand wrought in sterling silver and gold in her Brooklyn studio. The art of the handmade is of the utmost importance to Shauna, and her jewelry shows the subtleties of the handmade.

Shauna Burke holds an MSED in Art Education from Pratt Institute. She has been designing and making hand-fabricated jewelry since the age of 14. She began her studies at Studio Jewelers, a jewelry school in NYC, and then went on to study and teach metalsmithing in Florence, Italy.
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Keum-Bo Silver, Gold and Amethyst Stud Earrings
Bejeweled Hive Silver Stud Earrings
Silver and Gold Keum-Boo Hoop Earrings
Urban Nest Dangle Earrings
Molten Cuff
Molten Cuff
$ 250.00
Oxidized Silver and Ruby Deco Dangle Earrings
Charmed Bangles
Charmed Bangles
From $ 310.00
Limited Edition Silver and Ruby Deco Statement Ring
Scribble Gold, Silver, Diamond and Labradorite Earrings
Urban Beehive Bracelet
Industrial Beehive Sterling Silver and Black Diamond Hoop Earrings
Bejeweled Hive Charms Silver, 18k Gold and Champagne Diamond Necklace
Urban Beehive Silver, 18k Gold, Champagne Diamond and Moonstone Collar
Bejeweled Pearl Hive Collar Necklace LIMITED EDITION - Artful Jeweler
Bejeweled Magpie Silver, Gold and Labradorite Dangle Earrings
Urban Magpie Silver, Gold and Diamonds Dangle Earrings
Bejeweled Beehive Between The Finger Ring
Scribble South Sea Pearl, 18k Gold and Oxidized Silver Dangle Earrings
Deconstructed Deco II Earrings
Bejeweled Hive Cocktail Ring
Pebble Overflow Dangle Earrings
Bejeweled Hive Earrings - Artful Jeweler
Urban Beehive Cuff II
Deconstructed Deco Cuff
Diamond Scribble Eternity Band Ring
Deconstructed Deco Post Earrings
Nest Drops Earrings
Nest Drops Earrings
$ 1,100.00
Diamond Scribble Dangle Earrings.
Meandering Line Bangle
Bejeweled Beehive Brooch - Artful Jeweler
Meandering Double Band Ring
Swing Drop Pearls
Swing Drop Pearls
$ 1,700.00
Gold & Sapphire Art Deco Band
Diamond and Ruby Ring I - Artful Jeweler
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