Recycled Jewelry

Jewelry and wearable art crafted from recycled, re-purposed and vintage materials.  Included are the edgy urban pins made from recycled D.P.W. street signs by Boris Bally and the wondrously colorful contemporary jewelry of Amy Faust constructed from vintage Coke bottles, glass street lights and century old mason jars.
73 results
1 All NEW Athena Vintage Glass and Silver Rings
1 Inspired UPCYCLING Orphist Vintage Red Glass and Silver Earrings
2 Inspired UPCYCLING Red Tail Light Glass and Silver Earrings
3 Risplendente 18k Gold Vermeil and Vintage Glass Pendant
4 Inspired UPCYCLING Red Vintage Traffic Light Cuff Bracelet
All NEW Art Glass Yellow Orange Button Earrings
All NEW Circle on Square Aqua Vintage Glass and Silver Earrings
All NEW Five Circles Bracelet Vintage Glass and Silver Bracelet
All NEW Inspired UPCYCLING Rhapsody Vintage Glass and Silver Earrings
All NEW Raindrop Vintage Glass Earrings With 18k Gold Vermeil
All NEW Red Oval Traffic Light Earrings
Aqua Vintage Glass and Silver Button Earrings
Ardente Necklace - Artful Jeweler
Aya Necklace in Green - Artful Jeweler
Beach Glass and Silver Choker
Beach Glass and Silver Earrings
Beach Glass Earrings & Bracelet I - Artful Jeweler
Beach Pebbles Bracelet - Artful Jeweler
Bella Glass and 18k Gold Vermeil Earrings
Black Recycled GLass and Silver Kosmo Ring
Classic Glass and Sterling Silver Bracelet
Classic Vintage Glass and Silver Bracelet
Classica Aqua Vintage Glass and Gold Vermeil Earrings
Color Block Recycled Glass and Silver Ring
Cubes and Cabs Bracelet - Artful Jeweler
Duplice Red Stained Glass and Silver Earrings
Eighteen Piece Glass and Silver Traffic Light Link Bracelet
Frosted Red Glass and Silver Bracelet and Earrings Set
Green Beach Glass and Silver 9-Link Bracelet and Earrings
Helia Bracelet & Earrings - Artful Jeweler
Donut D.P.W. Brooch - Artful Jeweler
Inspired UPCYCLING No Parking Recycled D.P.W. Aluminum Street Sign Pins
Inspired UPCYCLING Spiral Recycled D.P.W. Aluminum Street Sign Brooch
Inspired UPCYCLING Vitrified Recycled D.P.W. Aluminum Street Sign Blue and Black Pin Brooch
Isis Earrings
Isis Earrings
$ 175.00
Leaf Tag Sea Green and Silver Earrings
73 results
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