Randi Chervitz

"In my work, I seek to explore ways in which metal can be both soft and hard. Forms can be created which have structure and softness; jewelry can be both adornment and sculpture." Randi Chervitz is inspired by the endless possibilities of forms in space. She creates pieces that question the traditions of adornment and revel in pattern and line.
39 results
Brass In Pocket Bracelet
Bronze Circle Pin - Brooch
Bronze Roman Wheel Earrings
Chandelier Earrings - Artful Jeweler
Circles Bracelet
Circles Bracelet
$ 370.00
Crocheted Bar Pendant with Labradorite Gemstones
Crocheted Bracelet
Crocheted Bracelet 2
Crocheted Necklace - Artful Jeweler
Dot Ring & Bangle - Artful Jeweler
Dot Ring & Bangle
From $ 130.00
Dots Earrings - Artful Jeweler
Dots Earrings
From $ 28.00
Gold and Diamond Ring - Artful Jeweler
Gold and Diamond Ring
From $ 1,525.00
Gold Bamboo Ring Narrow Band - Artful Jeweler
Hammered Cuff Bracelet & Ring
Hammered Cuff Bracelet in 14k Gold or Silver
Hammered Cuff with Floating Diamond - Artful Jeweler
Hammered Wrap Ring - Artful Jeweler
Large Oval Earrings
Men's Silver and Diamond Rings
Narrow Frame Cuff
Open Square Bracelet
Oval Bones Pendant
Oval Bones Pendant
$ 174.00 $ 348.00
Pearl Bud Earrings & Pendant
Pearl in a Nest Earrings & Pendant
Pearl in a Nest Pendant & Earrings
Royal Clover Silver and Chrysoprase Gemstone Necklace
Silver Bamboo Rings
Silver Bamboo Rings
From $ 190.00
Skinny Cuff Silver and Pearl Bracelet
Split Circle Bangles
Square Silver Ring With Pearls
Squash Blossom Turquoise, Pearl and Hand Crocheted Silver Statement Necklace
Starburst Silver, Amazonite and Yellow Topaz Gemstone Statement Necklace
Striped Cuff
Striped Cuff
$ 650.00
Twig Bracelets & Earrings
Twig Earrings & Bracelet
Twig Earrings & Bracelet
From $ 145.00
Wrap Cuff with Diamonds
39 results
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