Parisa’s new collection, Drop, is her inspiration of Water and Rain, one of most vital elements in nature.  Using the simplicity of round and drop shapes to represent, vitality, unity and universal infinite nature of energy.

The approach is in combining metals and stones, marrying traditional granulation and hammer finishing with the feeling of femininity in each piece.

Metal: Sterling silver, Stone: Lemon Topaz, Rose quartz, and Setting: Claw setting

Double Drop shape Ring is open band ring which can adjust to fit sizes 6.5 - 8.5 as its open in the middle. from left to right name of the stones; lemon topaz, rose quartz which both are secured with claw setting.

Arrives in 14 days.

Please note that we cannot provide refunds for rings that have been damaged, altered, sized or worn. However, unless otherwise noted the artist can resize the ring at no additional cost to you.

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