Marianne Cornelius Handwoven Jewelry

Born in Vienna, Austria Marianne started her artistic career in the early eighties as a painter after studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and by refining her knowledge with the Doyen of the Viennese School of Fantastic Realism“ Ernst Fuchs.

Her materials of choice are sterling silver in harmony with precious stones, painted inlays, and various accidental finds from nature’s treasury. Many of her creations are hand woven with sterling silver wire or gold wire in the "Soumak" Technique.

The spectrum of her creations ranges from simple and unpretentious to sophisticated and flamboyant. The design of each piece is inspired every creative day anew by the artist’s particular emotion dominating her artistic mood on that day.

In appreciation of her overall work as a fine artist, the Republic of Austria has awarded Marianne Cornelius with two of the highest state decorations: The Golden Medal of Honour for Merits to the Republic, 1997, and the Grand Medal of Merits in Gold, in 2006.

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