Louise Fischer Cozzi

"Working with simple shapes in repetition, I hope to provoke visual questions relating to perception and curvature. My predominant material is polymer clay, an incredibly versatile and lightweight medium. "

In much of her current body of work, "Translucent Colors," Louise Fischer Cozzi forms simple, elegant shapes from translucent polymer clay and infuses them with layers of texture and color that suggest infinite depth.

Trained as a graphic designer, Brooklyn artist Louise Fischer Cozzi went on to pursue fiber arts and polymer clay. She has been working in polymer clay since 1991, and her love for typography and fiber arts informs her current work. A local, national, and international teaching artist to all ages and levels, Cozzi appreciates the symbiotic relationship between creating and teaching.

Her award-winning pieces and articles have appeared in Belle Armoire, Bead and Button, and Lapidary Journal as well as numerous books. She shows and sells her work at galleries across the country.
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