Lori Gottlieb

I am Lori Gottlieb - surgeon, bicycling enthusiast, designer and jeweler.  I strive to make well-crafted jewelry out of silver and gold that is energetic and versatile.  So where do my ideas come from? Mostly, from the world around me on my bike. It’s as if there is a little camera in my head capturing images as I roll by - a little out of focus, with blurry edges. I love the layers of texture in the bark of a tree, the flutter of leaves, and the swirl of pebbles at the edge of a stream. I enjoy curves in the road, the bow of stems and branches, the sinuous path of rivers and streams. On vacation I take great pleasure in exploring the outdoors: stalactites and stalagmites, canyons and mountains, and beaches garlanded with seaweed. Natural elements spark ideas for my designs.


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1 Round Silver Bird's Nest Earrings
2 All NEW LAYERING Calla Lily 7 Silver and Gold Lariat Necklace
2 Desert Rose Flat Earrings 2
All New Astro Pick Up Sticks Earrings
All New Astro Short Earrings
All NEW Black and Gold Bracelets
All NEW Idocrase Druzy Necklace
All NEW Lapis Lazuli Beaded Necklace
All NEW LAYERING Whirlpool Necklace with Diamond
All NEW Making Waves Bar Necklace
All NEW Midnight on the Water Silver and Gold Earrings
All NEW Moon Over the Ocean Earrings
All NEW North South Silver and Gold Fingerprint Ring
All NEW Silver and 22k Gold Statement Cuff Bracelet
Astro 2 Silver Ring
Astro Bird's Nest Pendant
Astro Birdsnest 2 Silver and Gold Necklace
Astro Black and White Silver Lariat Necklace
Astro Earrings III with Orange Sapphires - Artful Jeweler
Astro Gold & Silver Earrings with Chrome Diopside - Artful Jeweler
Astro Gold and Silver Earrings 4
Astro Link Bracelet Black and White Oxidized Silver
Astro Necklace 5 Oxidized Silver and Astrophyllite Gemstone Necklace
Astro Open Silver Ring
Astro Ring 22k Bimetal and Silver
Astro Ring with Honey Zircon - Artful Jeweler
Astro Silver and Gold Bird's Nest Pendant
Astro Starry Night Earrings
Astro Starry Night Necklace
Astro Sterling Silver and Peridot Gemstone Earrings
Asymmetrical Citrine Statement Necklace
Black & Gold Open Long Desert Rose Earrings
Black Spinel, Coral and Silver Necklace
Breaking Out Cuff Bracelet - Artful Jeweler
Charm Bracelet Silver and Gold
Curly Bark 3 Necklace
138 results
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