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Enjoy one of a kind wearable art, statement jewelry and limited edition jewelry.
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1 London Blue Topaz & Diamond Leaf Ring
18k Gold, Silver and Diamond Spiral Ring
2 All NEW LAYERING Calla Lily 7 Silver and Gold Lariat Necklace
2 Amethyst Honeycomb Cut Silver and 22k Gold Ring
2 PLASTIC Chic Out of Africa
3 All NEW EXTRAordinary Caribbean Breezes Silver, Gemstone Pendant
3 Harlequin Cut Rose Quartz Ring with Granulation
4 All NEW Extraordinary Blue Sky Opal, Chrome Diopside and Agate Druzy Pendant
Afriel Silver, Quartz and Hematite Cuff Bracelet
Aliyah Sterling Silver and Quartz Handwoven Cuff Bracelet
All NEW Black and Gold Bracelets
All NEW EXTRAordinary Necklaces White Wash One of a Kind Enamel Necklace
All NEW Five Circles Bracelet Vintage Glass and Silver Bracelet
All NEW Idocrase Druzy Necklace
All NEW Lapis Lazuli Beaded Necklace
All NEW LAYERING Whirlpool Necklace with Diamond
All NEW One of a Kind Aqua Flora Vitreous Enamel Brooch
All NEW Open Scroll 22k Gold Ring
All NEW Purched One of a Kind Enamel Brooch
All NEW Silver and 22k Gold Statement Cuff Bracelet
Ancient 22k Roman Coin Replica Ring
Ancient Roman Coin Gold Earrings
Anticipation Sterling Silver and Green Sapphire Ring
Apollo Tagliamonte Intaglio Ring Venetian Glass
Aqua Totems Silver and Aquamarine Earrings
Akoya Pearl and Aquamarine Earrings jewelry - Artful Jeweler
Arabesque Burst 18k Gold Vermeil Necklace
Arabesque Keum-Boo Three Pendant Necklace
Ardente Necklace - Artful Jeweler
Astro Bird's Nest Pendant
Astro Black and White Silver Lariat Necklace
Astro Necklace 5 Oxidized Silver and Astrophyllite Gemstone Necklace
Astro Silver and Gold Bird's Nest Pendant
Astro Starry Night Earrings
Astro Starry Night Necklace
Asymmetrical Citrine Statement Necklace
310 results
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