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Greg Neeley is the recipient of the prestigious internationally recognized Saul Bell Design Award.  The rigorous jury process selects five artists as finalists in the gold/platinum category each year from hundreds of entries from around the world. He received the 2013 finalist award for his ring design, "Caged Fire". This Design incorporated a never before seen "floating in bars" setting technique that Greg designed and engineered. "Most everyone that saw the design did not believe the stones would set and stay in. The finished piece of jewelry however set perfectly and it is very secure". This honor establishes Greg Neeley as a top world-class jewelry designer and innovator.

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Austin-1 Green and White Diamond Engagement Ring-Artful Jeweler
Austin-1 Mahogany and White Diamond Engagement Ring-Artful Jeweler
Austin-1 Purple Diamond Engagement Ring-Artful Jeweler
Austin-1 White and Blue Diamond Engagement Ring-Artful Jeweler
Austin-1 White and Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring-Artful Jeweler
Bridal Square Wrap Engagement and Wedding Ring in 18k Gold-Artful Jeweler
Floating Heart Pendant-Artful Jeweler
Gold 14k, Garnet and Diamond Earrings-Artful Jeweler
Gold 18K and Sterling Silver Carico Lake Turquoise Unisex Ring-Artful Jeweler
Gold and Diamond Knights Vision Mens Ring-Artful Jeweler
Groom Square Wrap Wedding Band in 18k Gold-Artful Jeweler
Heart Wave Pendant and Chain-Artful Jeweler
Infinity Red Zircon, 18k Gold and Diamond Ring-Artful Jeweler
Italian Top Ladies Diamond and 18k Gold Engagement Ring-Artful Jeweler
Medieval Marquis Engagement Ring-Artful Jeweler
North Face Bridal Engagement and Wedding Ring-Artful Jeweler
North Face Grooms Wedding Band-Artful Jeweler
Patterned Bridal Engagement and Wedding Band Set-Artful Jeweler
Pearl of Great Price with Blue Diamonds-Artful Jeweler
Pearl of Great Price with Pink Diamonds-Artful Jeweler
Pinnacle Wedding Bands-Artful Jeweler
Queen's Table 18k Gold and Aquamarine Ring-Artful Jeweler
Swirl Wrap Suspension Set Aquamarine, 18k Gold and Diamond Ladies Ring-Artful Jeweler
Tri-Color Mokume 14k Gold and Silver Earrings-Artful Jeweler
Yellow and White Gold 14k Wedding Bands-Artful Jeweler
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