Christine MacKellar

"I grew up on a large dairy farm in the midlands of England. A perfect preparation for working long hours without immediate gratification. I could never imagine working a 9-5 kind of job. I enjoy working for myself by myself."

Flat sheets of metal and lengths of wire, Christine MacKellar will tell you, have infinite possibilities. Having grown up alongside evolutionary cycles (calves being born, field stubble being plowed under), it was a natural progression for MacKellar to work with materials by manipulating and transforming their nature.

MacKellar's core technique is fusing gold to sterling silver, creating subtle color variations within intricate surface patterns. She textures the surface using hammers, engraving tools and a rolling mill. Gem stones and bimetal elements are used for contrast and punctuation, adding to the infinite possibilities.

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Autus Bangles
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Black Pearl Bracelet Set
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Bold Blossom Set
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37 results