Chiefly Gold

Jewelry that is made primarily from gold or gold bimetals.
148 results
1 Inspired UPCYCLING Orphist Vintage Red Glass and Silver Earrings
3 Risplendente 18k Gold Vermeil and Vintage Glass Pendant
All NEW Black Dome Earrings with 22k Gold Granules
All NEW Open Scroll 22k Gold Ring
All NEW Raindrop Vintage Glass Earrings With 18k Gold Vermeil
Amore Pendant
Amore Pendant
$ 290.00
Ancient 22k Roman Coin Replica Ring
Ancient Roman Coin Gold Earrings
Angela Golden Handwoven Necklace
Akoya Pearl and Aquamarine Earrings jewelry - Artful Jeweler
Arabesque Burst 18k Gold Vermeil Necklace
Arabesque Keum-Boo Pendant
Arabesque Keum-Boo Single Swirl Pendant
Arabesque Keum-Boo Three Pendant Necklace
Arabesque Plume 18k Gold Vermeil or Silver Small Earrings
Arabesque Plume Large 18k Gold Vermeil Earrings
Arabesque Plume Large Silver Earrings
Arabesque Silver Pendant
Arabesque Silver Pendant
From $ 190.00
Arabesque Swirl Earrings
Arabesque Swirl Earrings
From $ 240.00
Astro Gold and Silver Earrings 4
Astro Starry Night Earrings
Astro Starry Night Necklace
Atlantic Dome Pendant in 14k Gold - Artful Jeweler
Aurora 22k Gold and Diamond Wedding Band
Austin-1 Green and White Diamond Engagement Ring
Austin-1 Mahogany and White Diamond Engagement Ring
Austin-1 Purple Diamond Engagement Ring
Austin-1 White and Blue Diamond Engagement Ring
Austin-1 White and Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring
Baroque Swoosh Earrings
Bella Glass and 18k Gold Vermeil Earrings
Black Silver Chain Bracelet with Gold Rosette - Artful Jeweler
Bridal Square Wrap Engagement and Wedding Ring in 18k Gold
Burnished 22K Gold Wedding Ring
Classica Aqua Vintage Glass and Gold Vermeil Earrings
Curly Bark Vermeil Earrings - Artful Jeweler
148 results
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