Annie Archimandritou

Striking Mosaic Jewelry.  Annie is a mosaic artist residing in Larisa Greece.  Her ongoing, intense study of the ancient Venetian style of mosaic art at the Museum J. G. Katisigras is evident in her passion for the stonework and design. Her work may be seen in museums in the City of Athens and in private collections.
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African Pythagorean Tree Necklace
Lava Rock Necklace
ALL NEW Glass Cuff Bracelet
ALL NEW Division Earrings
ALL NEW Montage Earrings
Twilight Murano Glass Bracelet
Pearls of Beauty Cuff Bracelet
Patchwork Cuff Bracelet
Marble and 24k Gold Smalti Cuff Bracelet
ALL NEW Montage Cuff Bracelet
Road Less Travelled Slate and Glass Cuff Bracelet
Coral and 14k Gold Cuff Bracelet
Slate and Pyrite Cuff Bracelet
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