5 FOOLPROOF Jewelry Gift Ideas!

I always tell my family what I want for Christmas so there will be no need for me to pretend that I absolutely love the itchy sweater that's 2 sizes too small.  To that end there are some general rules that keep everyone safe in the gift giving realm of so many possibilities.

1.  Anything RED works!  Red is the one color that looks good on everyone and with the Amy Faust Vintage Traffic Light Cuff Bracelet you can display your environmental conscious. http://bit.ly/2AxbRNT

Red Traffic Light Cuff Bracelet by Amy Faust


2.  Anything with DIAMONDS is always well received!  Plus earrings fit every size. Diamond Whirlpool Earrings by Lori Gottlieb. http://bit.ly/2AxQ3lj 

Whirlpool Orbit Diamond Earrings by Lori Gottlieb

3. Hoops are standard issue in any woman's wardrobe and these Keum-Boo earrings by Shauna Blythe Burke are a new twist on the traditional hoop. http://bit.ly/2AxbKBX 

Keum-Boo Hoop Earrings by Shauna Blythe Burke

4. A Pearl Necklace is a must however if you want to jazz it up buy the Lonna Keller Sprinkled Pearl Necklace it is a sure bet! http://bit.ly/2AAleMP 

Sprinkled Pearls Necklace by Lonna Keller

5.  Lastly, warm yellow gold looks great in the cold winter sun especially when combined with 80 DIAMONDS and a Royal Blue Tanzanite Gemstone!  Floating Heart Pendant by Greg Neeley. http://bit.ly/2Ay8vdA  


Floating Heart Pendant by Greg Neeley


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