ALL NEW 18k Gold, Sapphire and Oxidized Silver Swirl Necklace-Artful Jeweler
ALL NEW 22k Gold, Carnelian and Silver Smoke and Flame Necklace-Artful Jeweler
ALL NEW Pod Necklace Keum-Boo
ALL NEW Arabesque Burst Silver Necklace-Artful Jeweler
ALL NEW Swirl Double Sided Pink and Gold Earrings
ALL NEW Medium Swirl Double Sided Earrings-Artful Jeweler
ALL NEW Clearwater Petite Resin and Fine Silver Cuff Bracelet
ALL NEW Inspired UPCYCLING By the Sea Vintage Glass Earrings and Bracelet-Artful Jeweler
Marble Bead French Wire Earrings-Artful Jeweler
Inspired UPCYCLING No Parking Recycled D.P.W. Aluminum Street Sign Pins-Artful Jeweler
Inspired UPCYCLING Spiral Recycled D.P.W. Aluminum Street Sign Brooch-Artful Jeweler
Inspired UPCYCLING Donut Black and Yellow Recycled D.P.W. Aluminum Street Sign Brooch-Artful Jeweler
Now Earrings-Artful Jeweler
Now Earrings
$ 78.00
Abundance Earrings-Artful Jeweler
Abundance Earrings
From $ 99.00
Double Pearl Pendant-Artful Jeweler
Fresh Start Pendant-Artful Jeweler
Fresh Start Pendant
$ 99.00 $ 125.00
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